We are lucky to have an incredible group of partners supporting us. Each contributes to the lives of the kids in Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh - without you, and our partners we could not have nearly the impact we do!  Contact us to learn more about being a partner.

a doc feature film in post production

a doc feature film in post production

PhotoSF Studio

A production of PhotoSF,  THE MOST FEARLESS is a feature documentary film in post production and is an exercise in collaborative story telling. We have spent the past four years living, filming, laughing and crying with the surf community of Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh in the production of this film.

The Most Fearless moves through waves of hope and despair as a group of young girls struggle to rise above the storm they were born into.  The material is visually exotic, with strikingly beautiful landscapes that contradict all that we’ve heard about this part of the world. The youthful energy and optimism is palpable – and the story is quite recognizable: dreams, family, love, greed,  confidence; and are as simple and universal as falling for the wrong guy.

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Allison Joyce

Allison is a Boston born photojournalist with a decade of experience working in the United States and internationally. She is currently based between Mumbai, India and Dhaka, Bangladesh covering news and human rights stories. After coming to Cox's Bazar to photographically document the girls, she couldn't leave without doing something to help. She started a GoFund me page for the girls and raised funds that covered food bag donations, transportation, and tutoring fees- which made it possible for the girl's parents to allow them to surf and go to school. Almost all of the pictures of the surf girls were taken by her.



The Pelican Crew

A US based non-profit, the mission of the Pelican Crew is to empower youth to have the confidence they need to succeed in all parts of their lives.   Surfing allows kids to express emotion, build physical and mental strength, and let go of fears.  For youth that have never been in the ocean or never seen a beach, they quickly learn to respect nature by keeping the beach clean, learning about the tide, and feeling the power of the waves.  Surfing teaches the delicate balance of respecting the power of the ocean and enjoying that power.  The Pelican Crew strives to take care of our oceans and beaches so that everyone can ride clean waves of confidence.

The Pelican Crew reached out to us after reading the LA Times article by Shashank Bengali and asked how they could help. They organized fundraisers and reached out to local surf shops and local board shapers and were able to get over 25 boards, and tons of surf gear for the kids.


PRO ACT: Bangladesh Surf Girls and Boys

Mathilde and Carlota come from the southwest of France and are enrolled in the Bachelor’s Program at Business School Kedge. They were inspired to start a project and help humanitarian groups called “PRO ACT Bangladesh Surf Girls and Boys” as part of their program and wanted to do something that would make a difference. They want to encourage their local Basque surfing community to help and shed light on the other parts of the world where they can help and bring the communities together to unite. This duo is incredible and an amazing team and are great examples to our girls on how to support one another and be ambitious. They have created  three “call to actions” that involve:

-Communication via Social Media and flyers

-Set up collection/fundraising jars through participating sponsors and friends

-Will organize a Charity party called “Standout”



Criticalink was founded in 2014 as a non-profit social enterprise with the goal of saving lives in Bangladesh by training First Responders in life-saving emergency skills-bleeding control, splinting fractures, triage, burn care, CPR, etc,-and using an innovative, location-based mobile network to quickly dispatch the closest volunteers to the scene of an accident to provide help to injured citizens.

They teamed us with our surfers and organized women's health classes, self defense classes, CPR and first aid training. They also organized and hosted our surfers in a 'Tour of Dhaka' which included the girl's sharing their stories, mentorships, and encouraging youth safety training programs. The staff and volunteers of Criticalink has connected us with so many other local organizations in Bangladesh and we are so thankful for them. You can read more about our trip with them in the Daily Star and see more of what they are doing to make Bangladesh a safer place.


Microsoft Bangladesh

Criticalink introduced us to Managing Director Sonia Bashir Kabir of Microsoft Bangladesh in 2016 and they supported our team in designing a ICT Skills Workshop for our girls in Cox's Bazar. They also hosted a series of trainings to help enhance their skills in computer skills and digital literacy.