We have some VERY exciting news! The Surfing Federation of India has invited four of our kids to participate in an International Surfing Competition in August. We have picked two girls and two boys to represent Bangladesh and are honored to be a part of it! Last year the president of the federation visited Cox's Bazar and spent time with our kids and was impressed by their dedication and extended an invite, but it was too short of time to prepare the kids and get permission and passports ready. This year we really hope to go, and hope to raise the money for their passport fees, visas, and flights. Once we get there, the Surfing Federation of India will cover our boarding and food:) All of you have been so amazing and generous in taking care of our kids- it surely takes a village! If you want to be a part of sending them on this once in a lifetime experience you can donate here or at our sister-site Pelican Crew's website, all donations are tax-deductible and we will send you a receipt with our tax-id number. If we have any money left over, it will go towards food donation bags to the kids to keep the program running for the rest of the year:) Please help us make this dream possible!


Through the Years:)

We made this little video for the kids to see how much they have grown and see the change over the past few years. Not all the change has been good, kids have come and sadly gone. But we are grateful for the fun we have had and for all the people that have met along the way and that have partnered with us to make this dream possible.